Believing that Sport Therapy is one of the effective ways to help children in overall development.  Under Dishari sports a rigorous sports sessions were carried out where the Sports Executive resided for week in several residential centres to understand the concerned related to sports, as well as to assist the teachers and guide the students in promotion of sports especially professional sports.
Realizing that sports do not serve only as a excellent physical exercise but as well as develop team spirit, self confidence among the children. The government not lag behind in providing sports kits to each of the residential units across the districts. But sadly were either underutilized or misutilized. For example- Children used basketball as football; football was used as volleyball and vice-versa.
In close collaboration with the teachers the Sports Executive facilitated in proper utilization of available kits and at the same time creates an interest in playing different sports. The main objectives behind this initiative was to use sports as a developmental tool –
  •     to train the children in basic rules and techniques of various sports,
  •     to help the children relieve stress and bring about physical and mental fitness,
  •     in creating enabling environment where students feel free to express themselves simultaneously sportsman spirit and build better co-operation among the students,
  •     development in sportsmanship and leadership among the children which  will eventually help them to take other challenges in the life positively.
 Several activities like football, volleyball, badminton along with locally popular games like kabbaddi, kho- kho, handball etc.
Children today are seen making better utilization of sports kits available in the change in centre. The teachers used to keep the materials within lock and keys without the reach of the children but now due to thorough intervention there has been a positive change in the attitude of the teachers who now make the kits available to the children as per the need.
Now, the interests of the children are increasing day by day as they are getting to use the sports materials as per the interest.  The children are now representing schools in various sports meet at block, district.
One of the strong impacts is that children who are participating in sports have positive affect in the classroom performance as well.