Model School

"A Model Intervention That Makes Differences".
Intervention: Providing competency based stress-free learning through active participation of children and parents from socially and economically deprived backgrounds. It is a
formal primary school from nursery to class V.This is a joint intervention of TF with Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
Results: For five years the model school has provided a comprehensive learning opportunity for its students. It is not only a place that students are taught but also a training ground for teachers to improve their craft. It is a concept that started with activities based learning to target individual student needs, which continues to be improved with new initiatives such as digital learning. An initiative with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is an opportunity to take this bastion of progressive education to scale
up the replication to ten government schools and over one thousand students.
Personal Story: Subash came to the model school filled with anxiety. Through our careful investigation we learned that his father did not wish him to be at the school and found no purpose in his education. After counseling of both Subash and his family, Subash is finding school fulfilling and joy has replaced his reticence. It is through this holistic approach to family learning that the model school has thrived.