Mother Project

"A Model intervention based on Competency Based Active Learning"
 Intervention: Mother Project is the first and oldest project of Tomorrow’s Foundation, which was started as Dharmadas Trust Model School in collaboration with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation in 1995. The main objective of this project was to give remedial educational support to deprived students in target regions who are basically the first learner in their family
 to improve their educational skills. Mother Project not only ensures the overall development of a single child but also empowers the community.
Results: Over the last 20 years, T.F. has initiated many activities under this project to reach our goals. Starting with only 17 children, Tomorrow’s Foundation has now reached 220 beneficiaries within the Mother Project. Our Activity Based learning procedure, competency based learning practices and other interventions in education has enhanced the retention rate in (mainstream) formal schools. The dropout rate has continued to decrease and some of our beneficiaries are now well established in their lives.