Volunteer Policy

Purpose for which Tomorrow's Foundation needs volunteers. Tomorrow's Foundation needs volunteers for various activities like content development, teaching, research etc. Presently available volunteering opportunities can be found on our website. Each volunteering opportunity requires specific knowledge and skill. Intended volunteers should apply accordingly.

Formal application for volunteering in Tomorrow’s Foundation. Each volunteer and intern should apply formally as per the prescribed format.

Formalities to be maintained by a volunteer

Apart from the provisions maintained in volunteer agreement the volunteers/interns should sign volunteer attendance register, submit weekly progress reports to the designated reporting personnel and participate in the performance evaluation process.

Provision for honorarium for volunteering

This is purely voluntary work. No payment whatsoever will be made for the work done. However, a certificate/testimonial of contribution made will be issued at the end of volunteering/internship period and credits will be given in the published material

Provision for travel to different project sites

The volunteers placed in a particular project/office/school should make their own arrangement to travel to the respective project/office/school. The organization will arrange for travel if it is required to visit any other site/project/office/school/seminar/workshop during the course of volunteering.

Provision for boarding/lodging arrangements for the volunteers

The national/international volunteers have to arrange for their own boarding/lodging. However, the volunteers will be provided all possible help to find out a proper place for stay and other arrangements.

Agreement paper for volunteering

Each volunteer is required to sign an agreement with Tomorrow’s Foundation. A sample copy of the agreement has been given below. As per the agreement the volunteers and interns are supposed to abide by the rules and policies of the organization.

Visit the offices/project sites of the organization

Volunteers opting for teaching or any other project/office related work should visit the school/project/office sites everyday. But the volunteers/interns opting for documentation/research/content development need not necessarily come to the office/project sites every day. S/he can come to office for 1-2 days for understanding the organization. Then arrangements will be made for her/his visits to the projects for in depth understanding of the activities. After the project visit s/he can come to office for another day for developing and finalizing a plan of action.  Then s/he can work from her/his home and send documents via Internet.

Orientation to Volunteers

After joining as a volunteer project visits and talks are organized to orient about the activities of the organization in depth. The visits and talks are organized as per the scope of the volunteering.

Process of evaluation/assessment of volunteers

Performance evaluation is conducted for each volunteer of Tomorrow’s Foundation. The reporting personnel to the volunteer and a representative from HR unit evaluate performance on the basis of targets/goals set in the beginning of volunteering period. The prescribed format for evaluation is given below. In case of interns evaluation formats suggested by respective institution is also followed along with the format of the organization.

TF Assessment of Volunteer and Recommendations: TF will assess the volunteer’s capabilities and compare them to volunteer opportunities known to TF. If there does not appear to be an appropriate volunteer opportunity known to TF, then TF will so inform Volunteer.

If, in the sole judgment of TF, a volunteer opportunity exists appropriate for a Volunteer, then TF will so inform the volunteer, and the volunteer may accept or decline such opportunity. If volunteer accepts the volunteering opportunity, TF will orient the volunteer with activities and processes and policies of the organization assign responsibilities and assign personnel to whom the volunteer will report.

It will be the responsibility of the respective personnel of TF to set targets and prepare plans for the Volunteer.

Volunteer Responsibilities: In consideration of TF’s efforts on the volunteer’s behalf, the volunteer certifies and promises as follows:

1.    The volunteer certifies that he/she speaks the local language or English sufficiently well so as to be able to communicate adequately in such language.
2.    Volunteer Work Commitment: The volunteer understands the opportunity requires diligent and energetic full-time unpaid work on volunteer’s part, and commits to perform such work while working as a volunteer.
3.    The volunteer will submit weekly reports on progress made to the assigned personnel of TF  and participate in the performance evaluation process at the Volunteer/Interning period.
4.    Volunteer’s Financial Responsibility. The volunteer will pay his/her expenses, including but not limited to travel, food, lodging, insurance, and medical expenses.
5.    Volunteer Documentation: The volunteer will identify, procure, and maintain available, documentation necessary and/or appropriate for the travel and country/countries where the Volunteer will be working. Such documentation may include but not be limited to passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, and health records including immunization records.
6.    Volunteer Behavior: The volunteer will respect TF, the authority of TF, and the culture, customs, beliefs and laws in TF’s geographical area of operation. Volunteer will not harm persons.
7.    The volunteer will not perform procedures which are beyond his/her abilities. The volunteer will take necessary and appropriate steps to prevent the spread of disease.

Termination of Volunteer’s Mission: The Volunteer may be instructed to leave, at  TF’s  sole  discretion, for reasons including but not limited to danger to Volunteer/Intern, Volunteer infirmity or misbehavior, or any other reason. The Volunteer will promptly leave the Volunteer opportunity upon receiving such instructions from TF.

Applicable Law and Venue: This Agreement will be construed in accordance with the law of the state  of West Bengal, India. Any suit filed pursuant to this Agreement will be filed in the courts of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.



There will be feed-back session on the first week to check if they are comfortable in the project or discuss about any problem by the teacher & the supervisor will be present. This report should be mailed formally to the supervisor & cc to CEO.
Then in every month feed-back session will be conducted in presence of volunteer / intern supervisor, coordinator & the teacher. Soft copy of the report should be sent to TFMT, supervisor & cc to CEO.

One week before completion of their term volunteer /intern should submit an internal report as well as a report with picture for website (either soft copy or hard copy).


Three days before the completion of their term the volunteers/interns will sit for an exit interview where the following questions should be answered. Project coordinator will be present at the interview.

Please answer in 2-3 sentences.
a.    Were you satisfied with the help & facilities that were available in the project?
b.    What are the things that you think can be improved, if any?
c.    Apart from your role in the project, do you think that you could have been useful in any other way?
d.    Should you have spent more time in the Project or any particular task to create a greater impact?
e.    If you had another opportunity at the Project how would you do things differently?
f.     In scale of 1-10 how much do you achieve during your time here compared to your objectives at the beginning of the Project?
g.    Would you recommend other persons to participate in a project in our organization? If yes, why? If not, why?
h.    In scale 1-10 how much do you rate the project you worked?